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Ravagers by Comicgirl20 Ravagers :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 17 1 Yondu And Zonia by Comicgirl20 Yondu And Zonia :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 6 3
The guardians and the princess ch.4
“I met Cain four months ago, when he invaded my home planet and took over my father’s kingdom.”
“Wait, kingdom?” Peter asked confused.
“Ugh, yes. I’m sort of a princess.”
Rocket’s eyes widened. “You’re a princess.”
Zonia pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yes, but that’s not important right now, let me finish.”
“Anyway, Cain. He took everything I had and he um...” She put her head down and started to breathe rapidly.  
She hugged her knees and closed her watery eyes, trying to recall the horrible memory. Drax saw how uncomfortable she was getting and got next to her on the bed and put his arm around her.
“It’s okay, you’re safe now. You can tell us.” Drax whispered to her.
“He slaughtered my father in front of me.” Zonia said sadly.
“He was a madman ranting about taking over the universe, and he wanted me to help him do this. I told him that
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The guardians and the princess ch.3
Back on the Milano
Peter and Gamora were in the Milano’s small kitchen, they were currently watering Groot who was happily shaking back and forth to O-O-H Child by The Five Stairsteps with a huge smile on his face.
Gamora poured some water down on Groot. “He seems to enjoy the melody very much.”
Peter laughed. “Yeah, it has that effect on people.” He turned towards Groot who was smiling brightly up at them waving his little twig arms.
“I am Groot.”
Peter pointed down to Groot. “Let me just say that you, little buddy, have got to be the second greatest dancer in the whole universe.”
Gamora raised an eyebrow. “Second.”
“Yes, because I’m the number one dancer in the entire universe.”
Gamora just rolled her eyes at his comment. “Your cockiness will be the death of you one day.”
“I highly doubt that. If I ever died it would be because of Rocket’s cooking or a misunderstanding with Dra
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The guardians and the princess ch.2
Here’s a description of my oc for my fanfic
Full Name-Zoniacallistoopheliacassiopeiacressidalyra the third
Skin color-Pink
Eye color- yellow
Hair color-Purple
Skills-sword fighting and hand to hand combat
Now back to the story
Zonia was tired after her run in with the bounty hunter.
She had been wandering in deep thought about her close call with the bounty hunter. She then saw a dirty old tavern that looked like the perfect place to calm her nerves.
“I need a drink,” she thought as she made her way into the tavern, completely oblivious to the outside world around her and the four bounty hunters watching her from afar.
The four bounty hunters were spying on her from an alleyway. One of them was holding up a holopad that projected an image of their current employer sit
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The guardians and the princess ch.1
“Way to go Star-dork. Thanks to you, we have to stop to get more fertilizer for Groot,” Rocket shouted as he was going down the Milano’s ramp. Peter turned around when he heard Rocket’s comment.
“Hey it’s not my fault that you blasted Groot’s fertilizer.”
“Well I wouldn’t have blasted Groot’s fertilizer if you hadn’t thrown your stupid purse at my face,” spat Rocket.
“Okay one, it’s a knapsack, and two, I didn’t mean to throw it at your face. It was an accident.”
“Was not.”
“Was too.”
“ WAS NOT. ”
“ WAS TOO. ”
“ENOUGH.” shouted Gamora who was currently inside the Milano. She had watched as the two so called “grownups” argued like small children fighting over a toy.
They both shut up quickly but glared at one another coldly.
“You two are squawking like small birds.
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The guardians and the princess prologue
Flashback four months ago
The guard ran into the king's study. “Sire, they have penetrated the gates and are storming the castle,” he shouted.
Mitus groaned. He knew that they would be coming soon, it was only a matter of time.
“We have to get you somewhere safe.”
Mitus raised his hand up to stop the guard. “No, I’m staying. I must face them alone.”
“But sire.”
“THAT IS AN ORDER. I want you and your men to regroup and lead the people to safety.” he shouted.
“Of course sir. I understand.”
The guard left; leaving Mitus alone to his thoughts. He was pulling out his sword and mentally preparing for battle when all of a sudden he heard running and his name being shouted.
Zonia ran into his study with “ FATHER.” Mitus ran up to her and gave her a tight hug. “Babycakes, what are you doing here? You need to go, you’re not ready for this.” He felt her embrace getting tighter. “No, I
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Zonia drawings by Comicgirl20 Zonia drawings :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 9 1 Drawings by Comicgirl20 Drawings :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 1 0 Gamora by Comicgirl20 Gamora :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 5 0 The Collector by Comicgirl20 The Collector :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 2 0 Zonia 2 by Comicgirl20 Zonia 2 :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 0 0 Zonia by Comicgirl20 Zonia :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 2 0 Jack Frost from Frostys winter wonderland by Comicgirl20 Jack Frost from Frostys winter wonderland :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 14 4 Falling man by Comicgirl20 Falling man :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 7 0 Art Trade with ks-claw by Comicgirl20 Art Trade with ks-claw :iconcomicgirl20:Comicgirl20 7 2


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Decided to practice drawing some ravagers and I couldn't resist doing kraglin in his poncho next to half-nut, gef, and of course TASERFACEF2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon :happybounce: La la la la Clap :D (Big Grin) I am a dummy! .
“I met Cain four months ago, when he invaded my home planet and took over my father’s kingdom.”

“Wait, kingdom?” Peter asked confused.

“Ugh, yes. I’m sort of a princess.”

Rocket’s eyes widened. “You’re a princess.”

Zonia pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yes, but that’s not important right now, let me finish.”

“Anyway, Cain. He took everything I had and he um...” She put her head down and started to breathe rapidly.  

She hugged her knees and closed her watery eyes, trying to recall the horrible memory. Drax saw how uncomfortable she was getting and got next to her on the bed and put his arm around her.

“It’s okay, you’re safe now. You can tell us.” Drax whispered to her.

“He slaughtered my father in front of me.” Zonia said sadly.

“He was a madman ranting about taking over the universe, and he wanted me to help him do this. I told him that I would never help him take over the universe, and he got really mad. He ordered his beastly companion to beat me up for my outburst and he threatened to beat me into submission if I didn’t help him willingly.”

“I am Groot.” Groot said sadly.

Zonia pointed at Groot and tilted her head in confusion. “What is he trying to say?” Zonia asked.

Rocket rolled his eyes at her. “He’s asking you if you’re okay.”

Zonia smiled brightly at Groot. “Oh yes, I’m fine Groot. That dumb brute underestimated me, and you want to know what I did to him?”

He nodded his head. “I am Groot.”

Zonia laughed. “I cut his hand clean off and left him to suffer in pain.”

Groot’s eyes widened while everyone else just gave her a weird look and could feel a chill go down their spines.

Zonia looked up and smiled. “Maybe he’s dead.” She said in a sweet song voice.

Peter nervously smiled and scratched the back of his head. “Oh, wow, ugh, maybe he is.”

“If he is not, then I will gut him from the inside out, for hurting you, and make him suffer severely.” Drax stated.

Zonia smiled and gave Drax a hug. “Thank you Drax. You’re very sweet.”

Rocket stuck his tongue out in disgust. “Oh barf. Pinkie get back to the story already.”

“Oh, right.”

“Luckily I was able to escape from Cain with a crystal my father gave me before he died.”

“Wait, a crystal helped you escape? That is impossible.” Drax stated.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’m still trying to believe it too.”

Gamora raised an eyebrow. “So how did this crystal help you escape?”

“All I remember was that it started glowing brightly and it took me to a whole ‘nother planet. The people there said that they saw me fall from the sky and after that I went to search for where it came from.”

“You’ve been on the run ever since then, haven’t you?”

Zonia nodded her head.

“Yeah, and ever since then I had a few run-ins with bounty hunters trying to cash in on me. If it wasn’t for Rocket and Drax, I’d probably be with that evil tyrant right now.”

Rocket made a very loud gagging sound when he heard her comment. “Yuck, don’t get all sappy on me pinkie. I can’t stand all this feely crap.”

Zonia narrowed her eyes. “Feely crap, I don’t understand.”

“You know, like emotions and huggy sorta crap.”

Zonia tilted her head in confusion and scratched the back of her head in confusion.“Huggy crap, what’s that?”

Rocket smacked himself in the face. “Aw geez, kid. You’re killing me.”

“How is she killing you, if she’s right here with me?”

Rocket groaned in annoyance. “Great, we have another Drax. That’s just friggin terrific.”

“You don’t understand a lot of slang words or curse words, do you?” Peter asked.

“I didn’t get the chance to learn of these slang or curse words. I was surrounded by politicians, nuns, and aristocrats my whole life.”

A huge sly smirk formed on Rocket’s face. “Hey pinkie, if you wanted to learn more about cursing, I would be delighted to educate you on some of the various curse words I know.”

“NO, you are not teaching her how to curse. I can only handle one colorful mouth, not two .”

“What I don’t see anything wrong with me educating this young lady here. She could become an expert in no time.”

Peter just rolled his eyes at Rocket. “Oh please, you just want a good laugh Ranger Rick.”

Rocket put a hand to his chest in mock pain. “I’m shocked and appalled, I would never do something like that!”

Zonia laughed at Rocket. “Oh Rocket, you’re so funny and confused.”

“How am I confused, pinkie?”

“You must like the huggy and feely crap, because you didn’t seem to mind it when I kissed you back at the bar.”

Rocket started to blush as Drax, Groot, and Peter hooted and hollered at him from behind.

Peter started making loud obnoxious kissing noises at Rocket while the others laughed.

“I am Groot.”

Drax pointed at him and laughed. “You must be so embarrassed.”

Rocket felt his blood boiling as he stared, growling. “Aw, shut up already, you friggin idiots. She caught me by surprise, it was a one time thing.”

Peter smirked down at Rocket’s glare. “I’m sure it was, care bear.”

They all snickered at Rocket who looked like he was about to murder everyone with his bare hands.

“Where is this crystal now?” Gamora asked trying to change the subject.

Zonia eyes widened and she gasped. “OH MY GOD! IT WAS IN MY SATCHEL! DO YOU GUYS HAVE MY SATCHEL???”

Peter put his hands out and gripped her shoulders gently. “Yes, just calm down. We have your satchel, it’s in the kitchen.”

Zonia closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. “Oh thank goodness, it’s safe.”

A loud noise pierced the room, surprising the guardians as they looked for the source. Zonia sheepishly looked down at her stomach and blushed brightly.

Zonia looked down at the ground and started to apologize to them. “Excuse me for my rudeness, I guess my stomachs a little rumbly right now.”

“You don’t have apologize it’s just a normal thing to happen. Don’t feel bad.” Gamora stated.

“Besides, you haven’t eaten in awhile, so you must be starving.”

“A little.” Zonia said happily.

Peter extended his arm toward Zonia. “Well, if you follow me to the kitchen, I can fix you up a nice sandwich.”

“Whoa, I’ve never had a sandwich before. Is good.” Zonia said excitably as she took Peter’s hand.

“Oh well, you’re in for a treat then Zonia, because I make the best sandwiches.” He said in a cockily tone making zonia smile and laugh.


After eating one of the most incredible things in the universe, according to Zonia, who started wolfing down the sandwich Peter made for her. Zonia claimed that it was one of the best things she’s ever tasted, and thanked Peter for the amazing sandwich.

She then took a long hot shower in the Milano’s bathroom and ridded herself of any dirt or grime on her body while she was passed out. Zonia happily hummed to herself as she got out of the shower and put on the new clothes Peter gave her to change into. A white tank top with black sweat pants and red socks so that she wouldn’t be cold. She walked out of the bathroom, feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated, like her old self, and was about to go back to Drax's room, when she noticed that Groot in the Milano’s small living room waving at her to come to him. He was on the coffee table with some crayons and various papers around him, holding up a drawing of her done in crayon.

“Wow, this looks great. You got my hair and everything, good job.”

“I am Groot.” he said proudly.

“I think I’ll hang out with you for a while, and let everyone else have some space.”

“I am Groot.”

Zonia showed Groot her new book. “I can read this book Peter gave me. It looks very interesting, there’s lots of pictures in it.”

“I like the cover so far, but it has a weird title.”

“I am Groot.”

Zonia narrowed her eyes and started to read the title of the book. “It’s called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.”

“I am Groot.”

“She looks pretty cool. I wonder how she gets her hair all wavy like that.”

Zonia went to the small couch beside the coffee table and opened her book to the first chapter. They were both sitting in peaceful silence, when they heard a ringing sound coming from Peter’s holopad. Groot stared wide-eyed at the holopad’s flashing lights and his finger slowly went toward the accept call button.

“Hey wait, Groot stop.” Zonia had gotten up from her seat and she was trying to stop Groot from accepting the call.

“I am Groot,” he said stubbornly.

“Peter’s not even here right now, we should just leave it alone.”

“I am Groot.” he pouted out and began going towards the button again.

“Hey wait, give me that!” she shouted.

They both gripped Peter's holopad tightly and were engaged in tug of war battle for the pad.

“I am Groot.” he grunted, pulling the pad towards him.

“No Groot, this is really immature. Just let go already.” Zonia shouted as she pulled.

During their scuffle for the pad, Zonia had accidently clicked the accept button and the person calling appeared on the big screen in front of them.

“QUILL, you gots some unfinished business to settle wit’ me boy.” he shouted.


Zonia and Groot slowly turned around and saw a blue man on the screen in front of them who looked extremely pissed.

Zonia put on a fake smile and waved at the man, “Ugh, hello.”

The blue man gave her a weird look and started laughing at her, showing off his crooked yellow teeth. “Why hello there, dolly.”


The man on the screen let out out a high pitched whistle. “Damn, I see Quill’s followin’ in ma footsteps already. He gots himself a young’n.”

“What's your name, sweet thing?”

Zonia crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. “Yeah, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” she said bluntly.

“I’m no stranger, I’m a good ole’ friend of Petey’s. Name’s Yondu Udonta, now who are you?”

“A friend.” Zonia stated.

“Is that right?”

“You got a name, dolly?”

“Yeah, it’s Zonia.”

“That's a cute little name ya got there, girl.”  

“Okay, is there a reason why you're calling?” Zonia asked annoyed.

He lifted up a tiny doll with long orange hair and gripped it hard. “Yeah Quill’s got some unfinished business to attend to.”

“I am Groot.” Groot shouted.

“Well, Peter is currently unavailable right now.” Zonia said smugly.

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Is that right, dolly?” He asked skeptically.

Zonia just rolled her eyes at him, “Yes, did you not hear what I just said?”

“Don’t you give me any lip girly.” he shouted.

Zonia tilted her and looked down at Groot. “How am I giving lip?”

Groot just shrugged his shoulders at her in confusion too.

“Look Mr. Udonta.”

“Hey, none of this mistah Udonta shit, girl. Ya can call me yondu.”

“Okay Yondu, do you want me to leave a message for Peter?”

“Sure thang sugah. I got lots I wanna get offa ma chest.” He stated.

“Okay.” Zonia said, slightly confused, as she got a piece of paper and a pink crayon from Groot.

Yondu cleared his throat and began talking. “Tell him when I see him again,

I’m gonna ring his skinny little’ neck in.”

“Ring him by his skinny little neck.” Zonia repeated, as she wrote down everything Yondu was saying.

“Tear him to pieces with my bare hands, and that when I’m done I'm gonna put my arrow through his head.”

Zonia scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion, and put her hand up to silence Yondu. “Wait, that doesn’t make sense.”

“WHAT THE HELL GIRL, I wasn’t done talking’ yet.” He shouted.

“Well the reason why I stopped you is because your message doesn’t make sense.”

He raised a nonexistent eyebrow at her. “What are ya talkin bout?”

Zonia got her paper and showed it to Yondu. “In the second line, you said that you would tear him to pieces see.” She pointed to line with her finger. “But in your third line you stated that you would put your arrow through his head.”

“So.” he said annoyed.

“That doesn’t make sense. How are you going to put your arrow through his head if you teared him into tiny little pieces?”


“I don't’ give a crap bout what ya think, I just’ want’ ya to give him my message.”

Zonia bit down on her lip. “Really, is that so?” She asked.

“Yep, that's right.”

Zonia smiled brightly at Yondu and ripped the paper in her hands in half, letting it fall to the floor.

Zonia looked down at the fallen pieces of paper on the floor and tsked, “Oh darn. I can’t seem to recall what you said.”

“Do you remember what he said Groot?” Zonia asked sweetly.

Groot shook his tiny head. “I am Groot.”

“In fact, I can’t seem to remember having this conversation with him.”

Yondu glared down at Zonia and scolded her. “Girl, you better listen to me you don't wanna mess with me.”

Zonia gasped, put her hands up and started shaking them. “Oh, I’m shaking in fear! What ever will you do to me?” she said sarcastically.

“Don't’ you sass me girl.”

She batted her eyelashes at him and smirked. “Or what are you going to do, kill me with your scary arrow?”

“Listen up dolly, I’m the wrong person to mess with.”

Zonia just rolled her eyes at Yondu and grabbed Peter's halo pad from the coffee table.

“Tsk, yeah right.”

Zonias finger was over the end call button. “I wonder what this button does.”

Yondu snarled at her. “Don’t you hang up on me, we ain’t finished yet!”

“Oh I think we are old man.”

“Why ya little pink skinned bitch I’m gon...”

Before Yondu could finish his rant, Zonia ended the call and laughed. She put the halo pad back on the table and went back to her seat on the coach, reopening her book.

“Groot, let's just keep this a secret to ourselves okay.”

“I am Groot.” he asked confused.

“I don’t want peter to worry about the rantings of some crazy old man with horrible yellow teeth.”

“I am Groot.” He said.

“Don’t worry about it, it's just crazy talk. What's he gonna do, get us with his scary arrow and doll?” she said sarcastically.

They both snickered and laughed out loud at the funny joke.

“Oh, what's the worst that can happen?”


Yondu angrily slammed his fist down on his holopad and started cursing, as Kraglin walked into the room.

Kraglin smirked at Yondu. “Let me guess, things didn’t go well with Quill.”

“Not Quill, it's his new young’n.”

Kraglin raised one of his eyebrows. “Quill’s got himself a young’n?”

“Yep, cute little thing but girls gotta mouth on her. She's all givin me sass.”

“Callin me an old man, no respect. At least i'm not dumb enough to get a tattoo on ma forehead.”

Kraglin blinked in disbelief. “Tattoo on her forehead.”

Yondu pointed to his head. “Yeah, girl’s got herself a star on the middle of her forehead.”

“It reminds me of when you would wear those funny lookin’ earrings.”

Kraglin brought a hand to his face and groaned. “I was 17 and going through a phase, you promised ta never bring that up.”

Yondu just laughed. “Tsk, my promises don’t mean shit boy.”

“Hey captain.” Tullk shouted as he walked into the room.

“There’s a call for you on your personal line, some rich looking asshole wants to talk to you.”

“Put him through.”

“Yes sir.” he clicked a button on his holopad and the caller appeared on the screen.

“Now both of you get the hell out, I got some hustling to do.” he whispered to them as he pushed them out the door and locked it.

The man on the screen smirked. “Ah, Mr.Udonta I presume, your reputation does not fail you at all.”

“Yeah is that so and who are ya.” He said smugly.

“You may call me Cain, I hear that you're the best at what you do, which is why I am in need of your special services.”

“Depends, what's the cargo.” Yondu asked.

“Well, you see this cargo is very special to me and must be taken care of. I want you and your men to deliver my daughter to me.”

“Your daughter.” Yondu repeated in disbelief.

Cain looked down and attempted to sound heartbroken, “Yes, my dear little daughter. She ran away from home four months ago, and I’m worried sick about her all alone.”

Yondu stared up at the man and scowled. “You know that ravagers don’t deal in kids right?”

Cain chuckled. “Well, I figured you would overlook that rule seeing has how your division was exiled from the ravager community.”

Yondu felt his blood begin to boil as he glared up at the man. “How’d you know that?”

“I have my ways Udonta, now let's talk business. I’m prepared to offer you double my original price.”

“How much money we talkin bout?”

“Oh, say, five billion units.”

“Five billion units, that's a very generous offer. But what's the catch?” he asked suspiciously.”

The man on screen’s attitude changed from cocky to serious in a matter of seconds. “Don’t underestimate the little brat. She may look weak and fragile, but she is a very strong stubborn fighter.”

He narrowed his eyes down at Yondu. “She will tell you horrible lies about me in an effort to escape don’t fall for her tricks.

“Hm, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“So Udonta, do we have a deal.” He asked in a eerily calm voice.

Yondu turned his head and thought about the man's proposal for a minute before making up his mind.

“Suppose we do.”

The man on the screen smirked and grasped his hands. “Oh fantastic! I’ll transfer you over half the units and send you a picture of her.”

Yondu had a bad feeling about this. “Quick question.”

“Yes, Udonta.”

“Why did she run away in the first place?”

The man on the screen just laughed and put a fake smile on his face, “Oh you know, teenagers with their hormones and rock music she just wants to be a constant nuisance to me.”

“Yeah I know the feelin’ too well.”

“Oh and one more thing Yondu.”

“Yeah.” Yondu asked

“If anyone gets in your way kill them. Now I must depart now, ta ta.”

The man hung up, leaving Yondu completely confused. He was wondering if it was a good idea taking this job, when he heard a beep from the holopad. Yondu clicked “accept message” and a photo of the girl appeared on the screen.

She looked very young and was smiling brightly on the screen, she was wearing a fancy white dress with a small tiara on her head and a very familiar star on her forehead.

Yondu’s eyes widened in realization and a huge smile formed on his face. “Well hello there, dolly.” He started at Zonia’s picture and chuckled to himself. “It looks like Petey's been holding out on me suppose it's time for a little reunion.”
Back on the Milano
Peter and Gamora were in the Milano’s small kitchen, they were currently watering Groot who was happily shaking back and forth to O-O-H Child by The Five Stairsteps with a huge smile on his face.
Gamora poured some water down on Groot. “He seems to enjoy the melody very much.”
Peter laughed. “Yeah, it has that effect on people.” He turned towards Groot who was smiling brightly up at them waving his little twig arms.
“I am Groot.”
Peter pointed down to Groot. “Let me just say that you, little buddy, have got to be the second greatest dancer in the whole universe.”
Gamora raised an eyebrow. “Second.”
“Yes, because I’m the number one dancer in the entire universe.”
Gamora just rolled her eyes at his comment. “Your cockiness will be the death of you one day.”
“I highly doubt that. If I ever died it would be because of Rocket’s cooking or a misunderstanding with Drax about metaphors.”
They both laughed at his comment and looked at each other. Peter slid his hand on her hand. She suddenly stopped laughing and turned away from him.
Peter frowned. “Hey what’s wrong?” He asked concerned.
“It’s just, I’m not used to this.” she said sadly.
“What.” he asked concerned.
She put her head down. “Affection and friends, it’s all so foreign to me. I’ve never felt anything like this, not even with my own siblings.”
He put his hand on her shoulder. “Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m still adjusting to this too and I bet the others are having a hard time as well.”
Groot nodded his head and crossed his arms. “I am Groot.”
All of a sudden, the song changed to “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” and Peter got an idea. He got up and started to dance slowly in front of Gamora and Groot.
Groot tilted his head. “I am Groot?”
They both looked at him confused. “Peter what are you doing?” she asked, still very confused.
He started shaking his hips and moving his arms. “I’m just dancing to our song, remember?”
“Yes I remember. I threatened to castrate you because you were trying to use your pelvic sorcery on me, like I was some starry eyed waif.”
He put his hand out to her. “You still owe me a dance. Come on, it will be fun! Whenever I’m feeling sad, I just dance my problems away.”
She rolled her eyes. “I am a warrior, I do not dance.”
“But it doesn’t hurt to try. Come on, pretty please?” he begged.
She let out a deep sigh and took his hand. “Ugh fine, but if you tell anyone this happened I’ll break your neck.”
He put his hand on her back and slowly started dancing. “That’s good enough for me.”
They danced to the rhythm, moving their hips and feet slowly, and stared at one another, blocking out everything else. Peter looked at her eyes and his throat suddenly felt very dry and he had a weird feeling in his chest. He had never felt anything like this before. For another person, it was so weird to him and he kind of liked this new feeling.
Gamora smiled at him. “Is this the reason why you made Drax and Rocket leave the ship? Because you wanted to dance with me?”
He smirked. “Maybe I did, but hey now you’re smiling. Don’t you just feel better?”
“A little bit. It is quite soothing and relaxing.” she said.
He looked over to his shoulder at Groot, “Even Groot’s joining in on the fun. Right Groot?”
Groot was shaking his body and moving his arms. “I am Groot.” He said happily.
She put her head on his shoulder. “We are just like the Kevin Bacon from your planet are we not.”
He chuckled, “Yeah, I guess we are.”
The music stopped, but they were still holding to one another. They looked into each other’s eyes and both started to slowly lean towards each other for a kiss. They were mere inches away from each other’s lips when Drax came running in the kitchen with Rocket holding a pink girl in his massive arms.
“Drax, why is there a little girl in your hands?” Peter asked, concerned.
“Furry companion, quickly retrieve the first aid kit,” Drax shouted, completely ignoring Peter.
He put her down on the kitchen table next to Groot, got a rag from the sink,and started to clean her wound before it got infected. Groot tilted his head in confusion and pointed at her. “I am Groot.”
Gamora and Peter broke from their embrace and got a closer look at the girl. She was totally unconscious and had a huge wound on her left leg that was bleeding out.
Rocket came back with the first aid kit and gave it to Drax. He looked down at her wound and saw that it required stitches.
Peter looked down at Rocket, “Rocket, what happened? You and Drax were just supposed to get fertilizer.”
Rocket put both his hands up defensively. “Hey, we got the fertilizer, we just got a little sidetracked in the end, that’s all.”
“How did you get sidetracked Ranger Rick?” Peter asked suspiciously.
Rocket just rolled his eyes. “I don’t have to tell you anything.”
Gamora just shook her head at Rocket and turned to Drax. “How did you and Rocket meet her?”
Drax looked down at her sadly, “We met her in a small dirty tavern. She was all by herself. She was so polite and showed no fear towards us at all, she was just so innocent.” He stroked his hands through her purple hair, sneering down at the ground, “Four men walked in attempting to take her. They called her rude names and hurt her. We managed to scare them off and after that, I promised that I would protect her from whoever’s trying to get her.”
He looked through the first aid kit for a needle and string. “I need to stitch her wound before it bleeds out any more.”
Peter saw how angry Drax was. “Drax, maybe you should let Gamora stitch her wound. You look very tense.”
“I am not tense. I am perfectly capable of stitching her wound.” He spat.
Peter grabbed his hand. “Dude, just stop. You don’t want her to be in anymore pain, do you? Just give the needle to Gamora.”
Drax turned his head and gave the needle and thread to Gamora.
“Please be gentle with her. She is so tiny and frail.”
Cain pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “So let me get this straight.” he seethed out.
“Not only do you come back to me empty handed, but you also have the NERVE
to demand payment FROM ME as well.”
Cain got up from his throne. “Tell me, gentlemen, why should I even consider giving you one unit when you come back to me with no girl?”
“Are you blind? Look at what happened to us!” one of them shouted angrily.
“That is not my concern, nor do I care. It was your own faults you underestimated the little nuisance.”
“But we alm-….”
“Silence.” Cain bellowed out.
They all stared up in shock at their employer and started to shake nervously.
His eyes started to glow purple and his body began to rise up in the air. “YOU REPULSIVE MORTALS HAVE NOT ONLY FAILED ME, BUT YOU HAVE WASTED MY PRECIOUS TIME.”
He pointed his glowing hands towards them, “Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”
“We a-almost ha-had her b-but we were st-stopped.”
“By who.” Cain seethed out.
“He w-was a big-g man s-said his-s name was-as Drax the Destroyer and he had-d a t-talking rat w-with him.”
“A talking rat stopped you pathetic mortals from retrieving the girl? YOU IDIOTS.”
He blasted them with a beam of purple light energy from his hand, killing them where they stood. Cain’s eyes quickly turned back to normal and he floated back to the floor and sneered down at the bounty hunters.
“Pathetic meat sacks can’t even get anything done right.”
“RAHSAAN.” Cain shouted.
He pointed to the bounty hunters. “Get someone to clean this mess up.”
“They told me something very interesting, Rahsaan, before I disposed of them.”
“Apparently, she had help from a talking rat and a man calling himself Drax the Destroyer.”
“Drax the Destroyer, I have heard of this name.” Rahsaan stated.
Cain raised his eyebrow, “You have?”
“He’s part of a group that call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy they were the ones who defeated ronan.”
“Well it seems that these so called Guardians are helping the little nuisance."
Cain laughed and grabbed a rose from a nearby vase. “If they choose to get in my way, then they are problems.”
“Problems that must be corrected.” He crushed the flower in his now glowing hand and disintegrated it.
After Gamora stitched her wound up she drew her a bath and cleaned off any blood or dirt on her skin. Drax and Peter managed to find her some clothes to wear because the one’s she was wearing were all torn and dirty, so they dressed her in one of Peter’s black shirts, a pair of green boxers, and white socks. They hooked her up to an IV and drax insisted that they let her rest in his bed so that he could watch over her. That had been three days ago, and she still was unconscious and Drax still hadn’t left his room, making the other Guardians very concerned.
“He hasn’t left his room in three days, it’s not healthy.” Gamora said.
“I say we should sneak up to him from behind and drug him.”
“What is wrong with you? We are not drugging him.”
“Well Quill, do you have a better plan that’s not twelve percent?”
Peter smirked. “Yes actually, I do Ranger Rick. I’m just going to talk to him. That’s better than your plan.”
“Your plan is to talk to Drax when he hasn’t slept or ate in three days and is in a very protective state right now.”
Rocket winked at him. “Right Quill, your plan sounds way better.”
Peter started walking towards Drax’s room. “You seriously need to work on your sarcasm, trash panda.” Peter shouted.
He entered Drax's room and saw that Groot's pot was on a small table next to the bed and Drax was sitting on a chair close to the bed. He was polishing his weapons and just staring at the girl.
“Hey Drax, just came by to see how you’re doing.”
“I am fine.”
“I am Groot.”
“We’re just getting a little concerned about you, because you haven’t left your room for three days.”
“I don’t want to her to be all alone when she wakes up.”
“She’s really special to you, isn’t she?”
“She makes me very confused.”
Peter raised an eyebrow. “Wait, how does she make you confused?”
“She was actually concerned about me, and wasn’t afraid of me at all. She hugged me.”
Groot looked down at her and smiled sadly.
“She does sound pretty nice.”
“Yes she is very nice and very strong; I could also sense that she had a warrior's spirit in her when she threw one of the hunters through the wall.”
Peter's eyes widened. “Wait, did you just say she threw someone through a wall?”
“Yes I did. Is there something wrong with your ears?”
Peter stared at Zonia. “How is that possible? She’s so tiny and small.”
“I don’t know, but all I know is that she needs me.”
Drax put a fist to his chest. “I promised I would protect her from anything or anyone that tries to hurt her, that I would personally gut them for her.”
Peter smirked. He got a brilliant idea in his head. “Wow, okay. You promised to protect her, I get that.But how can you protect her when you’re not at your full strength?
“What do mean?”
“You need to get back to your full strength if you want to protect her. So why don’t you go eat something and go take a nap?”
“You do make a good point, but I don’t want her to be alone.”
“Hey don’t worry about it. I’ll babysit her for you.”
Drax gave him a confused look. “Why would you sit on her?”
“Okay, wrong choice of words. I meant I’ll watch over her, keep her company.”
“You would do that?”
“I’m not really doing anything right now, so why not? And Groot can watch with me too.”
Groot made a thumbs up. “I am Groot.”
Drax got up from the chair and stroked Zonia’s face. “Small pink child, I shall return. I must get back to my full strength.”
Drax smiled at Groot, and put his hand on Peter's back. “Thank you Quill, you are a good friend.”
“Yep that’s me. Humanitarian and hero all in one package.”
Before drax left he gave peter a slap on the back and a huge grin. “I hope that you will not die alone and that you will find someone equally as pathetic as you one day.”
“Nice talking to you too buddy.” Peter shouted as he went to sit down on the chair next to the bed.
Cain was sitting on his throne eating berries while the chamber maids brushed out his hair and gave him a pedicure. “Rahsaan, tell me how many bounty hunters have we sent out so far?
“Forty-five bounty hunters so far.”
“Yet each hunter came back to me empty han- OW.”
The chamber maid that was brushing his hair out had accidently brushed too hard and had tugged on his hair by mistake.
“I-I’m so-o s-s-sorry plea-ase forgive-e me.”
He threw the brush on the ground and glared at her, making her shake nervously.
“YOU STUPID GIRL! Pick that up and don’t brush so hard! I don’t want my hair to be frizzy. Start over.”
“Also if I find one split end you’ll be working in the mines. Understood.”
“Yes my Lord.”
He put a berry in his mouth and chewed it. “It’s so hard to get good help nowadays, Rahsaan. I’m just so tired of these mortals. They are so weak and slow, it’s making me shudder in disgust.”
“They are so lucky to be blessed by my presence. Right ladies?”
“Yes, of course sir.”
“You’re the best.”
“You are such a great leader.”
They all nervously smiled at him as he let out a hearty laugh.
He clapped his hands. “That will be all ladies, you are excused.”
He then turned his head toward Rahsaan, “Now then, where did I leave off?”
“Forty-five bounty hunters so far, that haven’t even come close to bringing you the brat.”
Cain snapped his fingers. “Oh that’s right.”
“I have come up with a new plan. One that will surely bring me the girl.”
“Does it involve more bounty hunters?”
Cain chuckled as he tossed a berry in his mouth. “Oh the men I’m hiring aren’t your ordinary everyday bounty hunters.”
“These men are ruthless and mean, cutthroat mercenaries who have never failed to deliver. They’ll get the job done.”
Rahsaan crossed his arms,.“How are you so sure that they will get the job done?”
“I’m prepared to offer them double the original bounty which is five billion units.”
Rahsaan’s eyes widened. “FIVE BILLION UNITS? Are you sure about this?”
Cain just rolled his eyes and examined his freshly pedicured nails. “Positive, besides it's just money, Rahsaan. It practically grows on trees.”
“Now enough small talk go and fetch me my halo pad. I have a very important transmission to make.”
Rahsaan exited the room while a huge grin on Cain's face formed as he looked up at the portrait of Zonia.
“Soon princess, we shall be reunited. Just you wait.” He let out an evil laugh of triumph and clasped his fingers together.
“Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier, Ooh-oo child things'll get brighter.
Ooh-oo child things are gonna get easier, Ooh-oo child things'll get brighter.”
Peter sang along to his Walkman while snapping his fingers to the beat. He had been watching over Zonia for thirty minutes now and everything had been going great.
“Someday, yeah, we’ll get it together and we'll get it all done.”
He stopped singing and left his Walkman on and examined the girl more closely now. He was still in denial that she threw someone through a wall. She looked completely harmless. The one thing that was confusing him was the strange tattoo on the middle of her forehead. It was in the shape of a six sided star.
“Someday, when your head is much lighter. Someday, yeah.”
Peter just shook his head. “That is one weird tattoo you got, kid. I wonder why your parents would even let you get.”
Groot just shrugged his shoulders, “I am Groot.”
He laughed, “It looks like something that David Bowie would wear. You probably don’t know who he is, he’s from Earth.”
“That’s where I’m from. It’s full of all sorts of cool stuff that you wouldn’t believe. I mean sure it doesn’t have the most advanced technology, but it still has some cool stuff.”
“We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun. Some day.”
He put a hand to his forehead and groaned. “You probably can’t hear a thing I’m saying right now, and I’m just talking to myself like a crazy person.”
Groot crossed his tiny arms. “I am Groot.” he stated angrily.
“I didn’t forget about you buddy, don’t worry.”
He pushed a strand of her hair back and pat her hand, “But hey don’t worry. When you wake up we’ll figure what’s going on with you and try to help you out.”
“When the world is much brighter.”
He closed his eyes trying to relax when groot started shouting.
Peter turned around to Groot, “Hey buddy what's the mat- OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL.”
Peter's eyes bulged out and his mouth hanged open when he saw her the weird mark on her head was glowing.
It was getting brighter by the second, and then her whole body started to glow and peter had no idea what to do or how to stop.
He ran to the doorway and shouted for the others for help, “GUYS COME QUICK SHE’S STARTING TO GLOW AND I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS NORMAL OR NOT.”
When he turned around he noticed that the glowing started to fade and went over to her.
Groot bent over to try and poke her head when peter stopped him.
He bent down to check her pulse when her eyes suddenly popped wide opened and she started to clutch his shirt gasping for air.
“Hey calm down, calm down. Breathe, okay, just breathe, I’m right here.” He held her hand and was trying to help her breathe.
She was breathing heavily and looking around the room in confusion and she just stared wide eyed at Peter, scooting back from him.
He gently grabbed her shoulders. “Hey don’t do that. I’m not going to hurt you.”
“I am Groot.”
She pushed his shoulders off of her and just looked down at the bed and tried to regulate her breathing back to normal.
Peter noticed that she wasn’t hyperventilating anymore and he was about to help her lay back down so that she could relax.
“Here let me he- ACK.” Peter was trying to gasp for air. She had put her hand on his throat and began to choke him.
“Who are you?” she snarled.
Peter was starting to see stars at this point because her grip on him started to get tighter.
She glared at him, “Don’t make me repeat myself. Who are you?”
He started making gurgling sounds and was about to lose consciousness, when Gamora and Rocket walked in.
“Hey what’s with all shout- HEY STOP THAT.”
Rocket pointed at her, “Put the humie down, Pinkie.” he said in a scolding tone.
Gamora started to approach the bed, “Let go of Peter,you are just very startled and confused, you do not want to hurt him.”
She released peter from her tight grip and ripped out the IV in her arm and tried to get up.
Rocket helped peter out while Gamora tried to reason with her. “Stop that, you will hurt yourself.”
She started to limp towards the wall and tried to balance herself out, when Peter shouted towards her in protest.
Peter rubbed his throat and pointed towards Zonia, “Hey wait, don’t move. We just want to help you.”
“NO.” she shouted and she pushed Gamora out of her way as she ran out the door into the hallway.
Gamora helped Peter up.“Shit, that’s not good. Come on, after her.”
They all went down further down the hallway and found her next to the bathroom door clutching her head in pain.
“Hey wait, stop. Ee just want to talk to you.”
She just shook her head and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door on them and locked it shut.
Gamora knocked on the door and tried to get her out of the bathroom.
“We are not going to hurt you, just come out.”
‘’STAY AWAY FROM ME.” she shouted through the door.
Gamora pinched the bridge of her nose, “Oh great, that’s just fantastic. She locked herself in the bathroom.”
Rocket tried knocking on the door but she still wouldn’t open it.
“Hey Pinkie, open this door, this isn’t funny. Come on.”
“Well I tried.”
“Does anyone else have any ideas?”
“I could always blow up the door.” Rocket said in a sing song voice.
“NO.” Peter and Gamora shouted.
Rocket grumbled to himself. “Take all the fun out of life, buzz kills.”
Peter got next to the door. “Let me try.”
Peter knocked on the door gently and waited for her response.
She was sitting in the far corner of the bathroom with her hands on her head trying to calm herself. She had no idea where she was and who those strange people were outside. They were probably bounty hunters that were going to take her to that narcissistic tyrant Cain.
She got up from the ground and glared at her reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t stand looking at herself anymore. It had been her fault that he died. It was all her fault. She angrily grunted as she punched the mirror, cracking it in seven places.
She groaned into her arms over the bathroom sink and looked up at her cracked image, sneering in disgust.
Her purple hair was all over the place, she was in really baggy clothes, and there was a huge patch on her left leg from where she got hurt.
She spotted a hair tie and a brush on the opposite counter and reached for them. She then started to brush out her wavy hair out of her face and she put it up in a high ponytail.
She gave herself a small smile. “At least I don’t look that bad anymore.”
Her smile soon vanished when she heard another knock on the door again and she just clenched her fists and glared at the door.
“Hey, it’s okay, we’re not mad at you, we just want to talk.”
“My name’s Peter, what’s yours?”
“None of your business.” she spat.
“She said her name was Zonia back at the bar.”
“Zonia. That’s a very pretty name. It’s very unique, it fits you well.”
“Hey, no need to be angry I was just making a statement.”
“Bounty hunters?” Peter said in a confused tone.
“Zonia, we’re not bounty hunters, we’re heroes.”
Zonia just rolled her eyes, “HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM?” she shouted through the door.
“We don’t think you’re stupid. You’re just really confused right now.” Gamora stated.
Zonia crossed her arms. “Oh please, I’m not confused about anything. You guys are just trying to trick me so you can collect the bounty from Cain.”
“Who the hell's Cain?” Rocket shouted.
“We’re not bounty hunters, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.”
Zonia raised an eyebrow, “Guardians of the Galaxy?”
“We were the ones who protected Xandar and defeated Ronan.”
“You guys defeated Ronan the Accuser?” Zonia asked in a skeptical tone.
“Zonia, think about this for a second. If we were bounty hunters,
why would we stitch up your wounds, give you fresh clothes, and let you rest?
Zonia stayed quiet. She was completely speechless. Maybe they weren’t bounty hunters after all, maybe they were heroes.
“Just come out already, Pinkie. It’s gonna be fine.”
They waited in silence and just stared at the door when they finally heard the door unlock. Zonia slowly walked out of the bathroom with her head down. She was clutching her hand that she punched the mirror with.
Peter went over to Zonia and looked at her hand, “Hey what happened to your hand, Zonia?”
She laughed nervously, “I sort of punched your mirror and shattered it on accident. I apologize for that.”
“That’s okay, it’s fine. We’re just a little concerned and have some questions.” Gamora stated.
“Like why the hell did you start glowing all of a sudden?”
Zonias eyes widened. “Glowing?”
“Yeah, your tattoo started to glow and you woke up gasping for air.”
Zonia pointed to her forehead. “This is not a tattoo, it’s a birthmark.”
“In the shape of a star.” Peter asked skeptically.
Zonia crossed her arms over her chest, “It’s a weird birthmark okay.”
“Besides that’s not important right now. My question is how long was I out for.”
“Three days.”
“THREE DAYS.” Zonia shouted.
“I’ve wasted far too much time already, I have to go.” She walked past the trio and was about to exit the hallways door when Rocket shouted at her.
“Hey Pinkie, where the hell are you going you’re in the middle of space.”
“Just drop me off at the nearest planet and I’ll be out of your hair.”
“Hey Zonia, slow down. You’re still recovering.”
Zonia just rolled her eyes and laughed. “I’ve recovered enough and I thank you all for helping me. Now I need to get ready because I have a long trip ahead of me.”
Gamora narrowed her eyes at Zonia. “That is not an option. You are still not well enough.”
Zonia looked at Gamora as she was about to exit, “I feel perfectly fine, so if you would please excus-..”
Zonia had accidently bumped into Drax who was blocking the exit with his arms crossed looking down at her.
“Oh Drax, what a lovely surprise. It’s so good to see you again.”
He looked down at her while crossing his massive arms, “I was resting when I heard screaming coming from the bathroom.”
Zonia pointed to herself and laughed, “Oh well, that was me. I was just having a little mental break down in the bathroom but it's fine now.”
“It is not fine. You shouldn’t be out of bed, you might hurt yourself.” he stated firmly.
“Well as I told the others I feel perfectly recovered so if you would kindly mo- HEY DRAX PUT ME DOWN.”
Before zonia could even finish her sentence, Drax had scooped her up and put her over his shoulders and started walking back towards his room.
Zonia was pounding her fists against Drax and trying to get out of his grasp. “DRAX THIS ISN’T FUNNY. PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW.”
He just ignored her and continued walking back to his room where he gently placed her back in his bed and wrapped his blankets around her squirming form.
Drax looked down at her and scolded her, “You are in no position to argue, you need to rest.”
“I’m fine.”
“You need rest.”
He sat down on the chair next to the bed, “I will be sitting right here with you protecting you while you rest.”
“That’s really not necessary.”
The rest of the Guardians soon came into Drax's room and Peter laughed at the site before him.
“This is just too cute.”
“No it is not. I’m being held against my will.” Zonia stated, annoyed at her current predicament.
Groot waved at Zonia happily from the nightstand. “I am Groot.”
Zonia nervously laughed. “Uh, hi there.”
She noticed Gamora starting to approach her leaning down to her level, while Rocket investigated zonias bounty on his holopad.
“We are just curious why you want to leave so badly.” Gamora asked.
“So I can kill Cain before he finds me.”
“Which is who exactly?” Peter asked.
“An evil tyrant of a man who’s trying to hunt me down.” Zonia stated firmly.
“Do not fear. I shall protect you from anyone.” Drax shouted.
“You don’t understand, not even you can protect me from him.” she said sadly.
“Oh come on how bad does he want you.” Peter asked
Rockets eyes widened when he saw Cain’s price for Zonia, “HOLY SHIT HE PUT A BOUNTY ON HER FOR FIVE BILLION UNITS.”
“FIVE BILLION.” Zonia shouted.
She put her head in her hands and was groaning, “That’s not good. He doubled the bounty. He must be getting really desperate.”
“But five billion units. Think of all that mon- OW.”
Peter punched Rocket hard on his arm.
“Dude, not cool.”
“What? I’m just saying it’s a lot of money.” he growled defensively.
Gamora just glared at Rocket, while Groot shook his head back and forth.
“Why does he want you so badly?” Peter asked.
“That’s the thing, I don’t know why he wants me.”
“How did you meet this man?” Gamora asked skeptically.
Zonia looked down and gulped nervously, “If I tell you all how I met him, will you promise not to think that I’m crazy?”
Peter put his hands on her shoulders. “We promise.”
Zonia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Alright then I’ll tell you how I met Cain.”
Here’s a description of my oc for my fanfic

Full Name-Zoniacallistoopheliacassiopeiacressidalyra the third





Skin color-Pink

Eye color- yellow

Hair color-Purple



Skills-sword fighting and hand to hand combat

Now back to the story


Zonia was tired after her run in with the bounty hunter.

She had been wandering in deep thought about her close call with the bounty hunter. She then saw a dirty old tavern that looked like the perfect place to calm her nerves.

“I need a drink,” she thought as she made her way into the tavern, completely oblivious to the outside world around her and the four bounty hunters watching her from afar.


The four bounty hunters were spying on her from an alleyway. One of them was holding up a holopad that projected an image of their current employer sitting on a throne, sipping a cup of wine.

They showed their employer a video of her walking in a bar. “Is that the girl you’re looking for?”

The man looked at the video and smirked in triumph when he saw her enter the bar alone. “Yes that’s her alright.”

He took a sip of his wine and cleared his throat.

“Follow her, make sure the little brat doesn’t make it off planet.”

“Understood,” said the bounty hunter as he was about to turn off the holopad.

The man on the holopad’s screen raised his hands. “Wait.”

“Remember, I want the brat back alive and if she’s not, well, let’s just say that you four will be very jobless and also very lifeless.”

The statement caused all of the four of bounty hunters to look at each other nervously.

“Well?” the man said impatiently, waiting for an answer as he took a drink from his wine glass.

“Y-yes of c-course si-sir,” stuttered one of the bounty hunters.

He smirked and clasped his hands together. “Excellent.”

He then ended the transmission with the bounty hunters, and chuckled in victory.

He poured himself some more wine and shouted “Rahsaan.”

All of a sudden, a big burly bearded muscled man walked through the door. He was approximately eight feet tall, with a massive hook on his left hand from where it was cut off, a massive black beard that was braided at the end, and long black hair that looked like a lion’s mane. He had red colored eyes and was dressed in black furs with shoulder pads that had spikes, connecting them was his necklace made out of animal teeth. He carried a massive mace on his back that had blood on it from his previous victims.

Rahsaan crossed his arms over his chest. “You called?”

“Make preparations. We’re going to have a very special guest of honor coming here for a little reunion.”

Rahsaan felt his blood begin to boil.“By special guest, you mean that annoying little brat of a princess that cut off my hand? Why not just kill the little nuisance?” he growled out.

Cain smirked at Rahsaan. “The princess shows far too much potential to just be killed. We need her to be on our side.”

“You know that she wants you dead right? After you killed her father Nitus.”

Cains suddenly calm demeter changed, and he crushed his glass in his hand.

“Mitus was a fool! I gave him a chance for power and wealth, but the fool wouldn’t take it. He let his pathetic emotions get the best of him.”

Cain grabbed a white handkerchief from his pocket and started to wipe the blood off his hand. “He had infinite power that could destroy moons for God's sakes, but he chose to suppress it.”

Rahsaan just raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Does she have the same powers Mitus had?”

“She has it all right. That mark on her forehead proves it. She is a valuable asset that I’m not going to lose.”

Rahsaan just shook his head. “She’s not going to come willingly. She’ll fight you every step of the way.”

Cain snarled. “The little brat may want to kill me, but whether she likes it or not she’s joining me.”


Rocket and Drax had just come back from the flower shop with the fertilizer for Groot.

“Can you believe the nerve of that jackass? No pets allowed in the store. But I showed him, plus we got a sweet discount on the fertilizer.”

“Yes, threatening to blow up his shop did give us a good discount friend.”

Rocket snickered at his comment and got out his holopad.

Rocket was looking down at it. “We still have some units left over from the fertilizer.”

Rocket gave Drax a devious smile. “I say it calls for a celebration of victory drinks. What do say buddy?”

“I am a bit thirsty, but shouldn’t we head back to the ship? Our companions will start to worry.”

Rocket rolled his eyes.“Worry my ass. Quill’s too busy trying to get Gamora in his pants. Besides they’ll never know.”

Rocket winked at Drax with his right eye.

Drax just raised an eyebrow. “I still do not understand why Quill would want to share his pants. And is there something wrong with your eye?”

Rocket slapped himself in the face  and started to mumble. “Friggin idiot Drax.”


Zonia found an empty seat at the back of the tavern and gave the bartender eight units.

“One nectar juice please.” she said to the three eyed bartender.

She was too focused on the bartender giving her juice that she didn’t notice the two men walking into the tavern towards her.

“Hey Pinkie, are these seats taken?”

Zonia was taken off guard at the sight before her. A tall, muscled, shirtless, gray man with red markings and a small furry little beast on his hind legs with his arms crossed around his chest.

She quickly forced a smile on her face and spoke to them.

“No, they’re not taken.”

Rocket climbed onto the seat next to Zonia’s while Drax took the seat beside his furry companion. They both ordered alcohol and were waiting for their drinks.

Zonia didn’t realize that she was staring at both while she was stirring her drink.

“Stop staring kid, it’s rude.”

Zonia started to blush. “Oh, many apologies sir. I did not mean to offend you by staring at you. I hope you can accept my dearest apology.”

Her apology caught both Rocket and Drax by surprise. Rocket just gave her a WTF face while they sat in silence.

Drax decided to break the silence. He put his hand on her shoulder in a gentle manner. “You have nothing to apologize for. My furry companion here simply has anger issues and temper tantrums.”

Rocket glared at Drax and spat out, “ I DON’T HAVE ANGER ISSUES.”

Drax just smirked at Rocket while Zonia giggled at his angry outburst.

The bartender just gave them all a weird look as he gave Rocket and Drax their drinks.

Drax put a fist to his chest. “I am Drax, and this my friend Rocket. May I ask who are?”

Zonia then introduced herself. “My name is Zonia, and it is a pleasure to meet both of you fine gentlemen. “ She then extended her arms towards Rocket and Drax to shake their hands.

“You’re not from around here, are you kid?“ Rocket asked as he took a drink.

Zonia’s eyes widened at his comment and she quickly tried to hide her fear by taking a long sip of her drink.

“You act way too proper and nice to be from around this dump of a planet,” Rocket stated.

“You also look quite too young to be in this establishment all by yourself.”

Zonia just rolled her eyes at Drax's comment. “I’m not too young to be in here. I’m very mature for my age and can take care of myself.”

Rocket laughed. “What are you, like twelve?”

“I’m sixteen,” she said in an annoyed tone.

Drax grinned at her.“You are quite small for your age, no?”

“I’m not short, I’m average height where I come from,” Zonia huffed.

Rocket raised an eyebrow. “Which is…?”

“Nowhere that concerns you,” zonia said sadly.

“Something is troubling you tiny pink child. What is it?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just going through some stuff right now,“ She said.

“What kind of stuff?” Rocket asked suspiciously.

“It’s just some super private stuff I’m going through right now, by myself.”

“You can’t be by yourself. You're just a child. Who is traveling with you?” asked Drax.

“Nobody’s traveling with me,” she said sadly while looking at the floor.

“What about your parents? They must be traveling with you.” stated Drax.

“My parents are dead,” she stated in a bitter tone.

Zonia was getting annoyed with all these questions. They were bringing back horrible memories.

All of a sudden, four bounty hunters entered the bar and crowded around Zonia.


They all smirked and snickered at her. “This is going to be so easy, I mean look at her. She’s so tiny and runty, ain’t that right, baby?”

Zonia just lowered her head in embarrassment at their comments, trying to ignore them.

Then one of them pulled on one of her ears.

“Hey look at me when I’m talking to you, bitch.”

Drax then grabbed the man that was holding her ear by his throat and began to squeeze it tight.

Drax gave him a murderous glare. “How dare you treat her like that! I should crush your neck in my hands.”

The rest of the bounty hunters had raised their guns at Drax and were ready to fire.

“Hey put your guns down unless you want things to get ugly,” Rocket spat at the bounty hunters.

They all just laughed at him and one of them pushed him off his chair. “Stay out of this RAT.”

“RAT!” Rocket spat out, as he was reaching for his gun on his back. No one called him rat and lived.

“Wait guys, it's okay. Stand down, I don’t want to get you to get involved in this. It’s fine,” Zonia said in a worried voice.

She got in front of Rocket. “Please put your gun down. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Rocket looked at her begging eyes and put his gun down. “Ugh, fine, whatever kid.”

She then put her hand on Drax's shoulder and looked at him. “Please let him go.”

Zonia pleaded and gave him a sad smile. “I’ll be okay.”

He stared at her for a moment. She looked so much like his own daughter. He then looked towards the bounty hunter who was gasping for air and dropped him on the floor.

They all put their guns down and helped their fallen comrade up.

Zonia looked at both Drax and Rocket .“I thank you both so much for showing concern for me.”

She gave Drax a tight hug, completely catching him by surprise, and he slowly gave her a hug back.

She then turned towards Rocket, who just put his hands up in defense.

“No hugging, it’s weird.”

Zonia just laughed at his comment. “Fine by me.”

She then leaned down towards him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

He stared at her in complete shock and was rubbing the part of his cheek that she kissed.

She turned her head to the bounty hunters, “I’ll go with you willingly if you leave them alone.”

One of the bounty hunters just rolled his eyes. “Yeah whatever kid, let's go.”

One of them roughly grabbed her arm and started dragging her towards the exit.

“You’ve made the right decision kid. Now come on.”

Drax and Rocket watched her being dragged out through the exit.

Rocket just stared at the exit. “She actually kissed me.”

Drax just looked at the ground. “She showed no fear of me at all and gave me a hug.”


Zonia smirked when they were outside and stopped walking.

“What the hell are you doing kid? Don’t stop walking.”

She then yanked her arm back and gave them all a glare as she cracked her knuckles. “I’ll give you guys a choice: either leave now, or face the worst ass kicking you’ll ever get.”

They all laughed at her threat.

One of them started reaching towards her arm to grab it. “Ha, you're funny runt, but enough joking around, come on.”

She then grabbed his hand and twisted it around his back. “Don’t call me that, unless you want your arm dislocated.”

They all stared at her in shock.

He glared at her from behind. “You wouldn’t dare runt.”

She smiled sweetly. “You have brought this upon yourself.”


He fell on the floor screaming, gripping his arm in pain.

One of the bounty hunters tried to grab her “Why you little bitch.”

She dodged his punches and started to tire him out.

She glared at him. “My turn.”

She gave him both a roundhouse punch and an uppercut that were so strong he crashed through the tavern’s front wall and landed in front of Drax and Rocket.

They looked at the big hole in the wall and saw Zonia.

Rocket stared at her “HOLY FUCK.”

Zonia looked at the two remaining bounty hunters who had their guns pointed at her.

“One way or another you’re coming with us.”

She then rolled her eyes at them and charged straight through them, running at full speed, pushing people out of the way.

They started to chase her. “Let’s get her.”

Drax then grabbed Rocket and the fertilizer and ran out of the tavern’s new door in the wall.

Rocket glared at Drax. “What the hell are you doing you idiot?”

“We are going after her.” Drax stated as he quickened his pace.

“Why the fuck are we getting involved? She’s just trouble.” Rocket said.

Drax stopped running. He dropped the fertilizer and grabbed Rocket roughly by his tail. He held him upside down and brought him close to his face. “ SHE IS JUST A CHILD YOU FURRY LITTLE BEAST, AND I WILL NOT STAND BY AND WATCH ANOTHER INNOCENT CHILD DIE. ”

Rocket was speechless. He knew Drax would do anything to save a child from getting hurt, and he knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

“Alright, fine fine. We’ll go save her, but if anything happens to us, I’m personally blaming you.”


Zonia was running past a crowd of people knocking some over. “Move out of the way, move!”

The bounty hunters were trying to catch up with her.

“How the hell is she not slowing down? It’s like she’s going faster.”

“We’ll never catch her like this.”

“I know a way we can get her. Give me your gun, quick!”

He put his hand on the trigger and waited until she was in target sight.

“Gotcha now you little bitch!”

He pulled the trigger and out popped an electrified net that wrapped around her legs.

She fell face first on the ground and was screaming in pain from the electricity. Her body was twitching in random directions.

They ran towards her, ready to grab their prize.

She saw the men towering over her, smirking. “We bagged ourselves a pretty little prize.”

One of them tightly cupped her cheeks in his hand.“Why don’t you smile nice and pretty for us, princess?”

She spat straight in his eye.

He wiped the saliva off of his eye and slapped her hard across the face.

The other one looked at his associate and gave him an evil smirk. “He said he wanted her back alive, but he didn’t say we couldn’t rough her up.”

“Right you are, where should we start first, then? Her pretty little face or her stomach?”

“How about nowhere, you cock sucking assholes?”

Both the bounty hunters looked at each other in confusion.

Zonia recognized the voice. It was Rocket.

“Who the hell said that? Show yourself!”

Rocket growled “I did bub.”

They turned around and saw Rocket pointing his gun at them.

“It’s the rat from the bar.”

“RAT!” Rocket growled out.

Rocket started to shoot at the guy that called him rat and chased after him.

The last bounty hunter was backing away slowly, trying to escape undetected, but bumped into something hard, only to learn that it wasn’t something... it was someone.

Drax got the bounty hunter and started punching him in the face.

He then grabbed the man by his hair and had one of his blades at his throat.


The bounty hunter stuttered out his answer. “I-I was s-s-sent by my employer to retrieve her for him-m.”

“Who is your employer?”

“I really don’t know, I swear, honest!”

Drax dropped him on the floor and kicked him in his gut.

“I will let you live, but only because I need you to give this message to your employer. Tell him that if anyone tries to hurt or take away this small child that I, Drax the Destroyer, will be there to gut them personally. Now get out of my sight.”

The man scurried away in a flash, leaving behind a dust cloud.

Drax then turned his attention to the child on the ground. He crouched down and started to cut the net off her legs.

“You’re safe now. I took care of them, there’s nothing to fear anymore child.”

She gave him a small smile and started to feel very sleepy.

When he was finished cutting the net, he saw that she had a huge gash on her left leg that was bleeding out.

She reached for his hand and squeezed it hard, “P-please help me,” she plead before she passed out.

Drax tore a strip of fabric off his pants and tightened it around her wound to stop the bleeding.

Drax then gently picked her up, bridal style, and started to walk.

“Hey, where the hell are you going to take her Drax?” Rocket said as caught up to Drax.

“Back to the ship so I can treat her wounds.” Drax said as he looked down at her. She looked so peaceful sleeping.

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